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The first one's inadvertently awesome because of Antonio's shirt. It looks like a slavering wolf's behind me!
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I thought these turned out cool. The first is Cartoonized, the second is Color Splashed, and the third is Blueprinted:
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Wearing Shewolf's scarf from Bahrain:
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Various moods:
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Erik, me, Antonio, and Jay (LJ user ndn_2spirit_den, the other half of "the boys"):
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Antonio, Erik, and I feelin' the love:
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Since all of the shots from last week uploaded out of order, I thought I'd kick this series off with our playful mugs. First off is Antonio (LJ user cyberwolf007) who is half of my oft referred to "the boys". Following him is Erik (LJ user spiritcougar).

Oh, an explanation for the first two: as we set off on our jaunt, I noticed an oddly placed bright orange sticker in a drainage ditch. Antonio hunkered down to investigate, and the result was... what exactly is a Bush Hog Eaton?
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Oh my, you cheeky thing!
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Awww. >:-)
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A few of Antonio pushing me:
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Erik, avid outdoorscougarman!
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Woo hoo! GQ shots!
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Gazing into the Bole of Truth!
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King of the Steppes:
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Our first, and last, visit to what I call "the owl bridge", the underside of a stretch of 120th, bore signs of owl activity--whitewash on the concrete rafters, feathers and fluff, and a headless mouse. This time we found more whitewash and a few owl feathers:
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Antonio spotted this tiny broken eggshell, and not far off Jay found DEATH ENCOUNTER, no. 6--a gorgeous dead Monarch Butterfly. We made up a story, on the spot, that the butterfly's natural prey is bird eggs. We positioned the butterfly to appear as if it was supping on the remains:
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After a backward glance, we headed for the marsh, then back to the cottonwood copse:
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A Red-tailed Hawk watched us in the distance:
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What a cool picture! This was taken under the 104th highway, over the railing and the river, through the spider webs suspended above the water's surface:
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Fall foliage along the 104th Trail:
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We adore this giant cottonwood near the South Platte's edge:
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Cool weeds below the cottonwood:
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As we left the car, this frame from a pair of goggles lay on the ground:
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The lake to our left, and an egret in flight in the distance (we ran into it several times on our hike):
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Sunflowers and purple asters, and happily, a bee on the latter:
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This tree base intrigued me. The latter is through the upper branches, where the bright sun cause a red orb effect:
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Cyberwolf and I continuing down the gravel path:
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(a platform for a tree house, maybe?)
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(no idea what this tiny house is for)
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(anyone know what kind of bird this is?)
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(toad emerging from a prairie dog hole)
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(peering over Quil's and Swift's shoulder at a leech on the creek's bank)
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(Swift stirring up a bird)
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Had a fun dinner at IHOP where Andi met up with us. We brought her to a favorite place we held rituals at, which we affectionately refer to as Fauxhenge. It's a rounded stone structure with obelisks at the mouth. A modest lake is to one side, and Boulder Creek on the other. Between, flanking Fauxhenge, are unkempt fields and trees.

As soon as we left the cars behind, Jay and I looked up just in time to catch sight of the brightest shooting star I've ever witnessed.

After the long walk, it felt good to see and feel the place again.

We placed an apple and four of the leaf-shaped candies on what we always felt was the altar of Fauxhenge.

Antonio and I off to the altar's left.

Andi perched on obelisk as seen through trees.

Looking straight across Fauxhenge from the altar.

Looking out to the right of the altar.

Antonio loping around the perimeter.

Red Skies At Night (I love that song).

Another angle with red sky.

Curious lights in trees.

Cool effects with distant streetlights and porch lights.
  • Another
  • One more.

    We came to a particularly dark patch of overgrown field where an old door and a partial wall stand. We've passed by it for years, and made up all sorts of stories about it. We never approached it until that night.
  • The door
  • Close-up of the door
  • Andi leaving cookie bits at the door
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    The boys and I decided to revisit our old haunts in Boulder.

    We began on the Pearl Street Mall, and were surprised by the absurdism of a girl in a bacon costume promoting cupcakes.

    A lion marionette in the storefront of the Paperdoll.

    This enchanting orange tree was in front of the store.

    Close-up of tree's fruit.

    We left the mall after stopping in The Peppercorn, where I picked up a box of leaf-shaped maple sugar candy for offerings.

    Making our way to the bike path alongside Boulder Creek, the angle of the sunlight left the foothills in shadow, as well as some of the trees before us.

    Along the creek was terribly beautiful. Various views of Boulder Creek:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5 (with pretty red leaves in the foreground)
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11 (with sunlight through trees)

    Two ducks followed in the water beside us:
  • Female and male Mallard.
  • Looks as if she's goosing him!
  • Mates, perhaps?

    An American Crow was barking up a storm in a nearby tree.

    Sunlight through tree.

    Me beside Boulder Creek holding a sprig of oak leaves.

    Jay in crook of tree.

    Surprisingly, after eleven years of scouring Boulder with an emphasis on the creek area, we managed to venture into a new spot. New to us, at least. I can only surmise that we never before walked through the area because the creek's always been too high. It took some off-roading to reach. >;-)
    Bewitching leafy area beside Boulder Creek:
  • A log.
  • The opposite side of the log.
  • Another angle of the log.
  • Base of the log.
  • Exposed rootwork on the bank sloping down to the creek.
  • Unusual insect on the rootwork.
  • Green leaves in foreground.
  • Moss on tree roots.
  • Moss on stone.
  • Tree roots.
  • Pigeon fluff on the ground.
  • A Hermaphrodite tree! It bore a suspiciously vaginal hole and, at the base of the hole, a large and erect phallus.
  • Another view of the Hermaphrodite tree, showing some of the roots.
  • Close-up of the Herm tree's roots. Notice the rounded stone among its roots--it appears like the one that we discovered beneath the ornate rootwork of my favorite old log on the 104th Trail.
  • Gazing up through the trees.
  • Old stone steps leading up.
  • At the top of another set of old stone steps, looking down.
  • At the bottom of the same steps looking up.
  • Close-up of leaves changing color.

    We bid adieu to the wondrous newly-traversed off-road area beside the creek, and rejoined the bike trail.

    We passed this pretty tree in the Butterfly Garden.

    The sun over the foothills through golden leaves.

    Close-up of the golden leaves.

    The bark of the tree sporting the golden leaves.

    We went off the bike trail again and paused by this stump with a deep hollow in the center. I dropped a leaf candy offering down the hole because it felt appropriate.

    Looking down the off-road path one way...

    Looking the opposite direction.

    Tangle of tree limbs beside creek.

    Bark with a berry vine climbing it.

    Drooping yellow leaves.

    Rejoining the trail, we spied a beautiful Japanese Maple across the parking lot.

    We passed the scenic little fishing pond.

    On a slender tree beside the pond hung a neat hornet's nest. Here's the nest from another angle.

    A neat tree.
  • Another angle.

    Big colorful tree on the way back to Pearl Street, and the close of the day.
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    On a warm fall Saturday afternoon three weeks ago, [livejournal.com profile] kusani, [livejournal.com profile] cyberwolf007, and I went for a nature walk at Adams County Fairgrounds and nature preserve. I wished to visit my special tree and bestow offerings upon it for Samhain.

    Both Andi and Antonio took turns at being my photo facilitators. It's downright eerie how they take the exact shots I desire, even when I don't describe how I want the specific angle or sometimes even the subject.

    In the parking lot Andi succumbed to an overwhelming urge to uproot an innocent wood post.
    Not satisfied, the lion hoisted the squealing post above her head and roared in triumph.

    To my joy, American Coots were visiting the lake. Curiously, every time we've seen them they're in a group of three.

    Goodness, we finally saw horses on the trail! We often see the signs of their passing all over the fairgrounds and preserve, but until then we had never seen any in the act. I love that they're taking their baby for a ride.

    Along the South Platte River were gorgeous sights, including:
  • A slender rock island slicing the water.
  • A close-up of golden leaves.
  • More golden leaves.
  • Wild Olive.
  • More Wild Olive.
  • Swamp with muddy shore.
  • Close-up of the muddy shore.
  • Tree supporting a branch of pretty leaves.
  • Andi traipsing across the river.
  • Andi crouching in rock in the river.
  • Neat exposed tree roots.
  • These weeds made me think of browning cauliflower.

    Then we approached my special tree area and I was surprised by the bright carpet of grass leading up to it.
  • 'Doorway' to the tree.
  • Antonio and I before the tree's natural altar, which is packed earth at the base where the limbs converge.
  • Sunlight above the altar.
  • Different angle above the altar.
  • View of the surrounding field through the tree's canopy.

    The next day, the 19th, Dad took photos of:
  • One of the pumpkins in our garden.
  • Another pumpkin and a squash.
  • Japanese Maple with a rose from our front yard in the foreground.
  • A gnarled husk of Mullen in the front yard that resembles a dragon (the profile, complete with eye, and long neck).
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