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Take a gander at Your Collar by Elizabeth Bear. There's a mythic quality to it. >:-)
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Make A Joyful Noise by Charles de Lint on subterraneanpress.com.
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A long time ago when the world was first born, it was always dark in the north where the Inuit people lived. They thought it was dark all over the world until an old crow told the them about daylight and how he had seen it on his long journeys.
The more they heard about daylight, the more the people wanted it.
"We could hunt further and for longer," they said. "We could see the polar bears coming and run before they attack us."
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(cut & pasted from home.online.no/~arnfin/native/lore/leg114.htm):

"Wouldn't it be great if everybody could live forever? There would be no disease, no accidents. Life would just be sunny days and fun all the time.
Native American mythology has lots of stories about a time when there was no death in the world. One community, the Shoshone people, believe that this happy time was all because of one animal: the Wolf.
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I read this last night prior to sleep in a short story collection. I was dumbstruck. No author describes nature in such a way as Algernon Blackwood. He saw, felt, and percieved the wild as I do. That's an amazing thing and even invasive, but not uneasy.

I felt the need to copy down the story from the book to share with everyone, but luckily it's already available on-line. This is nature to me:

The Golden Fly
by Algernon Blackwood
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A Chippewa Tale of the lynx:

There is a place in the Deep Canadian Shield.
This is place where the Lynx roam, with all the magical creatures of the forest.
The Lynx is a proud animal, he never lets anyone walk in front of him.
The Lynx chases Raven as Raven taunts and goes in front of him on the path through the forest.
One night while the Proud Lynx slept Raven, tired of being made fun of and chased away by the Lynx, pecked at the ears of Lynx.
He pulled on them both until they were but tufts on Lynx's Head.
When Lynx awoke all the forest animals were around him laughing!
He ran into the forest!
Now the Lynx is still Proud but he doesn't mess with Raven anymore!
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An excerpt:

"The Magic of the Tales:
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The world was in darkness. Raven knew the sun, moon and stars were held
captive by a great magician who kept them hidden in three boxes in his
lodge. In hopes of retrieving them all, Raven changed himself into a
baby, and had himself born of the magician's only daughter.

With keen, Raven-sharp vision, the baby soon spotted his quest. He cried
and carried on until the old magician, a doting grandfather, finally took
the treasured, secret boxes down from the shelf. When no one was looking,
Raven pried open the first box. And with a skyrocketing swoosh, the stars
shot to safety through the smoke hole in the roof.

Just as the dust began to settle, there can another loud whoom! And just
as quickly, the silver moon escaped in a billowing puff of smoke.

The third box proved more difficult. No matter how the baby pried and
pulled, there was no budging the lock. So, with a "Caw! Caw! Caw!" he
changed back into raven, took the box bearing the sun under wing and
soared off into the night.

Raven searched the darkness, 'til finally finding villagers willing to
exchange the sun's light for food. He unlocked his box, and a blinding
light rushed over the world. People spilled from their canoes in all
directions. Those who dove overboard became otters and seals. Those who
swam for shore became creatures of the forest. And those who shared their
food with Raven became people, and prospered ever more.


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